BEM Olive Garden

BEM (SIB) Olive Garden began in 1994 in Kota Sentosa to reach out to and serve the community in Kota Sentosa central and beyond. Located strategically in the heart of Kota Sentosa, we serve the community in and around Kota Sentosa to as far as Kota Samarahan, Matang, Semariang, and Sejingkat.

Aim: A Service To Community

Teenagers & Youth

A hangout venue with computer and internet facilities for the teenagers and youth from nearby schools and institutions for after-school hours’ use, as well as providing help with their homework, and moral and emotional support, etc. The purpose is to provide a safe-house for this target population from being exposed to and targeted by agents of social ills.


A venue for not-for-profit day care and nursery during the day, and babysitting service during the night for the poor and low-income parents and grandparents working in and around the wet market area and food stalls and shops in surrounding areas.

Women & Senior Citizen

A drop-in centre for the women, single mothers and elderly to build social network, obtain moral support; and acquire living and entrepreneur skills. This is to provide an opportunity to empower the financially challenged to rise up and face the daily challenges of live.

Training Centre

A venue where soft skills, leadership and motivational, living and entrepreneurial skills training and courses will be provided for the Kota Sentosa community.

Kota Sentosa

Kota Sentosa, located 7 miles away from the heart of Kuching city, is the fastest growing township and community in the Kuching Division. Its close proximity to Kuching International Airport and the regional bus terminal known as Kuching Central makes it a focal point for business and trading for communities from nearby townships such as Kuching city, Bau, Kota Padawan, Siburan, and Kota Samarahan.

The Building Project

The new building at Sentosa Parade consists of a custom-built auditorium for a sanctuary on the second floor; a multipurpose hall with rooms for the Children’s Ministry and kindergarten/nursery, a library and office facilities on the first floor; and lots on the ground floor operated by the church for various purposes including serving the community. A custom-made lift to all three floors is fitted in the building to ease and support the senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, pregnant women, and parents with infants and toddlers.

In relation to this, the total cost of this project is about RM10 million which includes the total loan amount, internal building as well as furnishing to the new facilities.

Fund Raising Events

A number of fund raising events are held each year. Among the popular events are fundraising dinner, jogathon (Olive Run), and sales fair (Jualan Ria). Stay tuned to participate in our exciting events!

Upcoming events:

02 September 2017 | Church Development Project Dinner

CEWC Jalan Stampin, Kuching. For ticket purchases, kindly contact:
Mdm Connie Ngimat Bala (019 858 9684), Mdm Knot Atok (014 881 4333), Mdm Ennis Gabar (013 811 9545)

Committee Members

Executive Counsel

Bro. Jack Yong Ching Ngean – Chairperson
Bro. Jayapragas Gnaniah – Deputy Chairperson
Elder Ricky Agan – Project Overseer
Dcn Ennis Gabar – Church & Project Treasurer
Dcn Fabian Sigar – Church Secretary
Sis. Anges Berik – Church Administrator

Technical Counsel

Bro Anyie – Chairperson
Bro Ellie Mering – Safety
Bro Melcome – Sarawak Energy
Bro Marcus – Kuching Waterboard
Bro Daday – Bomba
Bro Aidan Gorino – Quantity Surveyor
Bro Martin Anyie – Sound System
Bro Jeofery Pawi – Draughtsman
Bro Francis Liu – Local Authority (MPP)
Bro Jayapragas Gnaniah – Concept & Specification



We welcome donations from the public.

Public Bank
Acc No: 3114729816

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any additional information that is not available on the website.